Doug Block’s 51 Birch Birch Street blog and The D-Word — online documentary discussion forums.

Deep Focus Productions — The Work of Arthur Dong

Drew Associates — Cinema Verite Pioneer Robert Drew Left: Betsy and Bob Drew at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

Pennebaker Hegedus Films

Maysles Films — Al Maysles & Company

Zipporah Films — Fred Wiseman

HBO: Documentaries

I Build the Tower — Documentary film by Ed Landler about the Watts Towers

Nomads Land Films — Films That Matter

Living Earth Television — Living Earth Television is creating the world’s first global, noncommercial television broadcasting service.

Cinerama Adventure

Lost Forever tells the story of America’s fascination with and love of the movies, reveals our rich and diverse American film heritage and shows us how preservation saves both our cultural heritage and our individual memories.